«Her style leaves a lot to be desired»: The scandalous appearance of singer Katy Perry became the subject of heated discussions

Millions accused singer Katy Perry of being tasteless after her «ultra-trendy» outfit

One of the best-known and most successful contemporary singers Katy Perry is distinguished by her brightness and endless love for extravagant outfits. Millions admire her ability to turn from a modest fairy into a seductive woman.

She seems to constantly be in search of an individual style often leaving everyone speechless with the outrageous and daring outfits she appeared in. This time, she became the center of attention on Jimmy Kimmel Live with her unusual way,

Perry chose a short top with metallic plates, an ultra-mini skirt and unusual-looking long gloves in a tiger-printed pattern completing her look with a matching jacket.

Many claimed that the long black boots and the mini skirt caused unnecessary volume underneath and some even rushed to criticize her for being tasteless.

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