An abandoned panther’s life absolutely changed after meeting the kind woman

The compassionate dog comforts the little panther together with her owner

For all of us the support and love of our mothers is the most important and essential thing in the world. And it also regards animals.

Today’s story is about a little newborn panther named Lucky, who managed to survive. The panther was born in the zoo, but sadly her mother left her and refused even to feed or take care of her.

But happily the animal’s life transformed a lot after she met the kind woman, who had a lot of experience with wild cats. She transformed a lot.

Besides Lucky the kind woman also had a Rottweiler named Vinnie. These two animals immediately befriended and their owners were absolutely happy for their great friendship. Now they are happy being together.

These two animals like doing everything together, eating, playing and having fun. The loving dog did everything to change the little panther’s life and make it happy with all her love. Their owner takes care of the two of them.

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