The sweet kitty resembling a bunny was adopted by a kind woman

The reason for the kitty’s change was unknown 

The kitty named Pearl resembled a bunny, as he had differential features and close set ears. The cat was brought to the shelter with nine other cats. When the shelter staff saw Pearl they understood he was special.

But the animal shelter didn’t have an idea why the cat’s appearance changed. And it is impossible to know whether it happened in the past or he was just born like that.

He was almost eight years old. But one thing was certain: Pearl is clearly amazing. A woman named Maria went to the shelter to adopt him after learning his story.

She told, that she couldn’t stay away from him from their first encounter. She also told, that after their first meeting she understood she couldn’t leave the kitty in the shelter. Maria adores Pearl’s affection and sweetness.

He also enjoys to play with his hands. Now Pearl lives in a comfortable and warm house and he can show his individuality.

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